Commercial Artwork Installation Create a productive yet uplifting work environment by displaying colorful and stimulating artwork throughout your workplace. Whether it is in an office, retail space, restaurant, hotel, college, health care facility or any public building, we will handle all of your installation needs. We also install security mounting, when needed, in public spaces. Has your business moved into a new space? Birdhill Design will create a continuity throughout your workplace. By installing the employee’s personal items in each office with a designer’s eye, it will create a more pleasing aesthetic compared to a tradesman who may simply focus on getting the artwork on the wall (using only one hook) and moving on to the next project. Would you like a gallery in your workplace? We can turn a boring hallway or room into a gallery space. There are many options to make your vision a reality. For instance, by installing a hook and rail system, it will provide you the flexibility of changing the artwork periodically without damaging your walls. Another option is to install a track lighting system which will create a dramatic and dynamic environment. Do you want to stand out? Promote your business on your walls. Make a statement by showing off your client logos, images of projects, certificates and awards by having Birdhill Design create a “wall of fame”. This is a great conversation piece to have when clients or potential employees are visiting.

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Artwork installation for Residential, Commercial, and Exhibition spaces in MA, CT, NH, VT, ME, & RI.