Residential Artwork Installation Have you recently moved? Then your walls must be bare! Nothing makes your new space feel like “home” than seeing your artwork and family photos on the walls. We can assist you in finding the perfect spot for all your accessories in your new house, condo, or apartment. Is it time to downsize? We assist our clients by reviewing their artwork, photos and keepsakes to get a sense of what carries the most meaning as well as what will realistically fit in the smaller space. Then, we make suggestions for placement. This is a specialty of Birdhill Design. Sometimes changes in living location can be very emotional. It helps to have your favorite artwork and photos on the walls in your new space to make that transition far more natural. Plus, it sets the stage for a whole new and exciting chapter in your life! Are you ready to redecorate? Or would you like a fresh look but do not have the budget for all new furniture? Let us rearrange your existing artwork and/or furniture. Whether working with new pieces or with what you already have, we can help. You may have the right thing, but just in the wrong place. By rearranging your artwork, photos, furniture and mirrors, we can create a whole new exciting feel to your space. One of the comments we often hear is “I would have never thought to put that there. It looks amazing!” When we hear that, then we know we’ve done our job well.

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Artwork installation for Residential, Commercial, and Exhibition spaces in MA, CT, NH, VT, ME, & RI.